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Did you always want to know your darts statistics? This is now possible via DartsAssist.com and the Darts Scoreboard app by Haaz.

How to save your statistics?

To view your statistics online you have to download Darts Scoreboard by Haaz. Currently this app is available for Android only. In the match you can choose your prefered settings. To be able to save your statistics to DartsAssist.com you need to choose the Pro Match screen. On this screen you will find the option to save your statistics.

Already saved your match?

When you have already saved your match you can search for it on the 'Search Match' section on this page. You can enter your match id, or search for one of the player names.

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How to upload your statistics?

  1. Download Darts Scoreboard (by Haaz) for your Android device.
  2. Open the app, change your prefered match settings and start a Pro Match.
  3. Play a game of darts and register your scores via the app.
  4. Upload your statistics to DartsAssist.com via the app when your game has finished.
  5. You'll receive a Match ID and a link to your match statistics.
  6. Open the link and share your results with anyone you like!