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Darts Scoreboard

Play 501 (or a variant from 101 - 1201) with 1 to 4 players and use Darts Scoreboard to keep your scores. You'll get lots of statistics like averages and highest checkouts. It is also possible to share the statistics via social media.

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Darts Cricket Scorer

Use this app to keep your scores for the darts game 'Cricket'.

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How to upload your statistics?

  1. Download Darts Scoreboard (by Haaz) for your Android device.
  2. Open the app, change your prefered match settings and start a Pro Match.
  3. Play a game of darts and register your scores via the app.
  4. Upload your statistics to DartsAssist.com via the app when your game has finished.
  5. You'll receive a Match ID and a link to your match statistics.
  6. Open the link and share your results with anyone you like!